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How To Ask For A Raise: Advice From Actual Managers

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Asking for a raise may feel like a daunting task. You could prepare a list of your accomplishments, years in the company, similar salaries in your industry, but still feel out of your comfort zone. We’ve gathered advice from real-life managers to give you that extra confidence boost you needed to get the raise that you deserve.

  1. Practice, practice, practice– Although it may not feel comfortable, practicing your pitch for a raise will infinitely benefit you. Imagine role-playing your boss in this situation. If you can anticipate questions from your supervisor, you will be better prepared to navigate resistance.
  2. Research your market value– Did you know the average raise is between 1 and 5%? Asking for an unrealistic increase in salary will generally not bode well. It is wise to research salary trends for those in similar job titles and years of experience. It is also recommended that you ask for a precise salary number, instead of rounding up or down. For instance, it would be better to ask for $68,750 as opposed to $70,000.
  3. Express your company loyalty– Your investment in a company means a lot to managers. By discussing your future goals or projects to your supervisor, you are demonstrating your value to the company.
  4. Remember: You deserve this– If you don’t believe it, they won’t either! It is best to focus on deserving a raise rather than needing one. People often make the mistake of discussing personal issues that require an increase in salary. Managers are more interested in an employee’s performance that is deserving of a raise.
  5. Share your accomplishments– Demonstrating your value as an employee is key when asking for a raise. You can do this through preparing a list of accomplishments such as increasing the company’s revenue or creating a more efficient system. Numbers speak volume to managers.
  6. Be Proactive– The best way to get a raise is to deserve one. It is important to not only take on more responsibilities, but to actively communicate your accomplishments with your supervisor.

Vice President of Le Tote sums this up well when discussing an employee’s raise

She was also great at proactively communicating her accomplishments to me. When she approached me with her request for a promotion, I already knew she deserved it! Every step of the way, she made it easy for me to see that she was a star performer who deserved a better title and salary.

So get out there and confidently ask for a raise!


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