How You Can Become A Substitute Teacher (Hint: You Might Already Be Qualified!)

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While many people know the benefits of working in the Education industry, most people don’t realize just how simple it can be to become a substitute teacher. In most states, the highest level of education required is a bachelor’s degree – and while it varies by state, many only require a few registration processes and background checks to get started. For a job with so many benefits, it’s remarkably easy to get started. Check out how you can become qualified to substitute teach – or maybe find out if you already are!

Earn A Bachelor’s Degree
While substitute teachers in most states are required to have a bachelor’s degree, it doesn’t need to be in teaching or education – so you can qualify with the degree you already have.  And for those who don’t have a bachelor’s yet, getting your education degree doesn’t have to mean quitting your job and putting your life on hold.  With the rise of the internet and online learning, flexible options are available to get your degree online and on your own schedule. Getting a bachelor’s degree is more attainable than ever and is the first step to becoming a qualified substitute teacher.

Apply For A Substitute Teaching License (If Necessary In Your State)
This is not required in many states, but if it is required in your state, it’s a fairly straightforward process. For example, in New York, you’ll need to complete an online course or an in-person series of exams. These aren’t intensive or overly time-consuming, but simply are to show you meet the minimum education experiences. Your state may charge a small fee to complete these courses, but once registered you’ll be able to complete them on your own time.

Pass Background Check
Of course, the safety of the students is extremely important to everybody, especially the parents and the school district you apply to. You’ll need to pass a criminal background check, child abuse identification, and complete a student safety certificate. These are simply to ensure a safe learning environment for the students.

Apply To Your Local School District
Each school district will have their own specific process on how to apply, but those links are usually on the district website and will tell you how to get started with your application. Just find the website for the specific school or district you’d like to teach in and get started!

In short, anybody with a bachelor’s degree, a clean criminal record, some extra time to complete a few teaching certificate courses (if necessary), and a desire to become a substitute teacher can get into the classroom fairly quickly. If you meet these requirements and are interested, go to your local school district site and check out if it could be the right fit for you!


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