The Top Jobs You Never Considered: Substitute Teaching

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Schools everywhere are in constant need of help to fill classrooms when their full time teachers are on vacation, have appointments, are sick, or on sabbatical. Many people don’t realize how readily available this teaching experience is. Substitute teaching is a great opportunity for people in many different situations, check out why it might make sense for you!

Flexible Schedule
Substitute teaching is non-contractual, meaning if you don’t want to, or are unable to work on a day, you simply don’t have to. Generally, when a school needs substitute help, they will call and ask you to come in. If you can’t, don’t! But if you can it’s a flexible way to earn money.e

Teaching Experience
Many people consider teaching as a career path, but don’t want to commit because they may not be sure it’s right for them. Substituting gives you the ability to test it out! You’ll get to work with kids of different ages and teach different subjects. Subbing is a great way to test the waters to see if you’d like to consider teaching as a full career.

You Can Continue Other Work
If you’re attending night classes, have a part time job, or have other work/education obligations, subbing allows you to continue without interruption. You’ll earn supplemental income on your own terms and earn extra money while completing other work or degrees.

You Can Sub No Matter Where You Live
Substitute teachers can work in any school district you live in. Schools are always looking to expand substitute teacher pools, so no matter where you live it can’t hurt to put yourself in their group of options. You won’t have to move or look at other cities or states for substitute teaching positions. Wherever you live can be your destination!

You’ll Get To Work With Full Time Educators
If you end up thinking you want to pursue teaching as a career, subbing allows you the opportunity to network with other teachers and administrators who can serve as a great reference. With the substituting experience and the support of those you’ve worked with, it’ll be that much easier to land a full-time position in a school moving forward.

If you think this sounds like something you’d like to try, it’s often much easier than you think to become qualified. Check out our article here to see how you can start the process of becoming a licensed substitute teacher!


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