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These Compassionate Jobs Pay How Much?!

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Why is it that the most compassionate people often settle for jobs well below their worth? In 2019, being compassionate is a rare thing and we should be rewarding this with higher paying jobs! Below is a list of the top paying jobs for compassionate people.

  1. Director of Fundraising ($163,654) – Responsibilities include managing budget, workers, volunteers, and maximizing charitable donations. Often, nonprofits rely on donations to keep their organization running. These organizations need a director to oversee all fundraising functions.
  2. Child Protection Specialist ($77,583) – While pay starting out is lower, after working 18 months in the position the base salary increases. Child Protection Specialists require compassion in many different ways. You’ll spend your days making a difference in abused or neglected children’s lives. The work is extremely rewarding.
  3. Medical Social Worker ($67,320) – The job varies dramatically and so does the pay. Medical Social Workers spend their days assessing patients’ social, emotional, environmental, financial, and support needs. You need a great sense of compassion and empathy to excel in this line of work.
  4. Psychiatrist ($233,920) – While being the most education intensive on the list, it is the highest paying. There’s no denying the compassion it takes to deal mental health disorders on a daily basis. Psychiatrists diagnose and treat mental, emotional, or behavioral disorders.
  5. Counseling Psychologist ($81,330) – There are many different disciplines for counseling psychologist so the pay will definitely vary. In the past couple of years there has been a lot of demand for addiction counseling psychologists. This is a great career if you’re looking to help people.
  6. Behavioral Analyst ($61,933) – If you’re more interested in the research side of compassionate careers, Behavioral Analyst is a great fit for you. While often working for government agencies, schools, or hospitals all behavioral analysts assist in treating various mental health issues. Ideally Behavioral Analysts strategize preventive solutions for the most common mental health concerns.

These careers prove compassionate people don’t need to sacrifice their dreams of helping others to get a much deserved bump in their income.

Disclaimer: Most, if not all of these jobs require a Master’s in Psychology. If you are looking to find a way to get paid for your compassion you can get free information about a Master’s in Psychology below!

You do not need an undergrad degree in Psychology to earn your Master’s in Psychology


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