These Two High-Demand Careers Want You To Pursue A Counseling Degree

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Now, more than ever, there is a widespread need for counselors of all ages, locations, interests, and specialties.  Hospitals, rehab centers, federal and state agencies, and private clinics need additional help from professionals to deal with societal issues that are prominent in today’s world. Here are two fields that have a particular need for your help and expertise and would love for you to choose a bachelor’s degree in counseling (already have your degree and looking for a change? These careers could be the perfect fit).

Mental Health Counseling
Mental health counselors focus on individuals who need support both emotionally and psychologically. Mental health has become increasingly discussed and decreasingly taboo in the United States. As more people are aware of the struggles they’re dealing with and feel less judgment about seeking help, people are more likely than ever to seek professional counseling.

With increased numbers of individuals wanting to speak with a mental health counselor, the demand for counselors has never been higher. As a mental health professional, you’ll focus on patients with various behaviors and disorders to help them cope with their hardships and give them tools and practices to lead a healthier and happier lifestyle. The most common settings for a mental health are group therapy sessions at a hospital or public agency, or for those working in a private practice you’ll have one-on-on interaction. In either of these settings, you’ll be providing individuals with tools to make better everyday decisions, and you’ll have the ability and opportunity to drastically improve people’s everyday lives.

Substance Abuse Counseling
It is no secret that there is a severe opioid crisis in the United States. It is estimated that about 115 people die every day in the U.S. from opioid overdoses (source).  Because of this tragic trend, the demand for addiction counselors has never been higher. In addiction or substance abuse counseling, you’ll be working with individuals who have a drug or alcohol problem. These patients may be self-admitted or they may be admitted by the request of the legal system.

While this is an extremely challenging form of counseling, it’s also the kind that the country needs increasingly more every day. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated that job growth in this field will reach 23% by 2026.  If you have a personal connection to someone who has struggled with substance abuse, or just have a passion for helping those with addiction problems, this type of counseling might be the right fit for you, and substance abuse counseling programs and facilities certainly need your help.

The Wrap-Up
As the United States continues to face these two challenges head on, there will be increasing need for counselors to help in these fields. If you are someone passionate about helping those who need help most, mental health and substance abuse counseling may be a great career path for you. Considering a degree in counseling will lead to the ability to change people’s lives and the hiring fields are in high demand!


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